NetworkedBlogs is the App of choice for bloggers

My informal survey asking bloggers for their favorite application to pull their blog on their Facebook page found a winner with NetworkedBlogs.

38.8% Of the votes, the votes (“other”) more than double its nearest rival, it is clear that the NetworkedBlogs is a popular choice for posting your articles to blog to your Facebook page.

The “other” responses included:

SocialOomphTypePad widgetPosterousSmart PagesCustom feedAweberTweetdeckAmplify.comAddthis Tweet

As I shared in the survey, post comments I NetworkedBlogs for awhile, but after that it did not display messages queued for three weeks while I was on vacation, which soured me on the application. Social RSS works well during the free trial, but when I did not upgrade to the paid version, it becomes sporadic on the validation of the feed.

RSSGraffiti_logoWhat I love rss Graffiti, is that I can choose to display like me my profile of Denise Wakeman, or as my Blog page Squad – with most applications, anything post you on your Page is present as being sent by the Page, not you, the person. Can I customize how food shows (alone or with an abstract title), add an introduction to food and obtain reports if a stream does not display. Images to use in the post are also displayed.

If you are participating in the Summit of the Blogging success (start on Tuesday, 1 February), Mari Smith is a whole session on Turbo-Boost your Blog traffic with Facebook and promises to reveal the proven tactics, strategies and tools to help optimize traffic entering your blog in taking full advantage of everything that offers Facebook. Discover creative ways to grow considerably readers of your blog as well as powerful means to engage readers with Facebook plugins. I heard its promise to reveal some of his secret Ninja tricks to get the Facebook blog traffic.

Although I was not evidence and cannot find any info through a cursory search, I am satisfied that links to the blog posts that are posted manually show more frequently in the News Feed, top positions that are added through RSS feeds. Anyone have info about it? Or am I imagining things? 🙂 My experience is that when I manually post a link, I get interactions much more (likes, comments) that posts are automatically displayed via RSS.

In any event, regardless of what application you choose, make sure that you feed your blog to your Facebook page. If you’re not, you’re leaving lots of traffic on the table”.” “” And traffic is an essential element to obtain more visibility leads, prospects, opt-ins, concerts, clients, opportunities…

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