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Marketing content on your blog start 2011

Posted in business with tags , , on February 16, 2011 by RCR Premier Preservation LLC

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content marketing blogsThis morning I received a pleasant surprise email from the folks at Junta42 with congratulations to Brian Solis, Brian Clark, David Meerman Scott, Jay Baer and TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog on making the top of the first Junta42 Top Content Marketing Blogs list in 2011. It is more than a little humbling to be included amongst such talented and respected industry veterans.

Joe Pulizzi runs Junta42 and is the first person (that I know of) to really popularize the notion of “content marketing”. In that regard Joe and his team really walk the talk: He also runs the Content Marketing Institute, Chief Content Officer magazine and the upcoming Content Marketing World conference. The blogs and writers that make the Junta42 list also “walk the talk” with content marketing and serve as a great example for those that want to better understand how content fits within the marketing mix.

The Junta42 list has been published since 2007 and the top 42 scores (thanks to Janet Robbins) are calculated from a pool of over 400 blogs using a combination of:

1) Relevance to Content Marketing
2) How much the blog adds to the Content Marketing conversation
3) Google Page Rank
4) blog consistency
5) previous ranking

Thanks to a great blogging team, TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog has made the number one spot on this list 3 times.  This is the 10th edition of the Junta42 list and 2011 marks the 10 year anniversary for my agency, TopRank Online Marketing.

If you look at our tag cloud (the tab in the right column), it’s easy to see why we are included in this list, since we’ve been focused on content creation, optimization and promotion for quite a while. In fact, before Joe started promoting the idea of “content marketing” I used to say we focused on “editorial marketing” when explaining TopRank since our Online Marketing consulting practice emphasizes earned and owned media vs. advertising.

Here’s the full list of 42 Content Marketing Blogs. Congratulations to all and more so, thank you for your contributions.

TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog
PR 2.0 (Brian Solis)
Web Ink Now
Convince and Convert
Social Media Examiner
Influential Marketing Blog
Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
10 Conversation Agent
11 Marketing Experiments
12 Jeff Korhan
13 Sparksheet
14 ReelSEO
15 ConverStations
16 Post Advertising
17 Conversation Marketing
18 Marketing Interactions
19 Mack Collier
20 FASTforward Blog
21 Ducttape Marketing
22 Logic+Emotion
23 B2B Ideas@Work Blog
24 The Search Agents
25 eMedia Vitals
26 Social Media Explorer
27 No man is an iland
28 B2B Bloggers
29 Freelance Copywriters Blog
30 Simple Marketing Blog
31 Straight Talk with Nigel Hollis
32 Digital Marketing Blog
33 Windmill Networking
34 big star content
35 Drew’s Marketing Minute
36 Campaign Monitor
37 Vertical Measures
38 Web Analytics World
39 White Paper Pundit
40 Vertical Leap
41 IdeaLaunch
42 Site Booster

This excellent collection of blogs covers a  range of topics from general Internet Marketing to Social Media to Search and of course – specifically Content Marketing.  Of course I’d like to continue addressing the curiosities about content and online marketing for our readers and would love your continued feedback.  What content marketing topics would you like to see us cover more here on Online Marketing Blog?

If you’re hungry for more practical and in-person tips on the topic, I’ll be giving two presentations on the intersection of Content Marketing and SEO in San Diego and London:

Feb 10, 2011
SES Accelerator – San Diego
“Content Marketing Strategy”

Feb 22, 2011
SES London
“Content Marketing Optimisation”

I hope you can make one of them because I’ve added more case studies and tips. I will also be giving away a Content Marketing ebook with which can really give you a jumpstart on incorporating better SEO with your Content Planning. If you’re a SEO practitioner, it will give you practical insights into developing a content plan within traditional SEO strategies. I hope to see you there and congrats again to the blogs on the Junta42 list.

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Your Success How Bad Do You Want It?

Posted in business, success with tags , , , , , on October 27, 2008 by RCR Premier Preservation LLC

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We are always destined to run toward the things of life that seem to give us fulfillment at a moments notice, sometimes with no regard to anyone but self gain, this is better known as “Selfishness”, of which is fulfilled with greed. My main reason for making this statement is, because, when a real opportunity with so much value and potential, we turn it down like a bad habit, that is, because, we are looking for “Quick Results”, I have learned that quick results are not good results, they have hidden consequences that we just overlook, and we become victim of circumstances.

Take Action Now Are You Hungry For Success

To relinquish this type of bad habitual brain washed taught mentality, their has to be a mind renewing process, your total mindset has to be renewed by the spirit, by positive reinforcements, by counter productive enforcements. Meaning learn how to control the thoughts of your mind, a very powerful concept but it is very effective, in creating a mind controlled environment within your own mind, your thoughts create your success. What I do is, reading positive books on successful people, video tutorials, audios, personal development courses, this is a way of empowerment, brain food, giving your mind new information, in turn gives you new ideas, a new approach on life. A mentored positive approach, a mentor can see the things that you can’t see, a qualified mentor knows how you should take the proper steps in order to resolve better results in any case.

Take Action Now Are You Hungry For Success

Here is a way to not only help yourself & your family but others as well, an opportunity to be your own boss, an opportunity to provide help toward others, an opportunity to make a change in somebody’s life, an opportunity to take your life & business to an Ultimate level of achievement, an opportunity to provide the Legal security in anyone’s life, it is a opportunity for you to create the life and life style that you want, & Now this is the opportunity for you to take action with a proven Company that has created Millionaires, Six Figure Earners, that are changing the lives of others as well as there own, “Are You Hungry For Success”? Are You?
If you are Take Action Now! You Have To Be Hungry Hungry very Hungry For Success.

Take Action Now Are You Hungry For Success

To Your Success
Richard McDonald
To Your Health

To Your Wealth

It’s Your Response that Counts : The Phenomenal Entrepreneur

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Learn How To Target The Right Market…

Posted in advertising, marketers, Uncategorized, viral with tags , on December 8, 2007 by RCR Premier Preservation LLC

Just a little tip, Learn how to target the right market, attract endless leads, Customers Reps and more,  take your business to the next level, A seven day boot camp that will rock your world, ” now that’s not hype” , If you are interested in taking on the challenge of creating more wealth for your empire then click on the link below:

To Your Success
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How To Attract Endless New Prospects…

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Do you literally want thousands of Distributors knocking down you door for more information with there credit cards in there hands waiting to make a purchase from you, Well you don’t have to wait anymore get yours here:

To Your Success

Richard McDonald

Hello world!

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