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Feature Friday – social media success of Frederick Nijm

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In feature Friday today, we learn how a new ecommerce site gained traction quickly by directing firstly on Twitter…

FredrickNijmPhotoFredrick Najm, Addoway

Web/Blog site URL:

Connect on Twitter: addoway

In short, what successes have you to your blog/social media?  
I started to build a following on Twitter talking about e-commerce, social media and the emergence of the two in social commerce. When we launched Addoway everyone wanted to see what I’ve been a part of, and now we have ambassadors I met by Twitter help spread us the word daily. Today, I have been on 11 ecommerce radio broadcasts and interviewed by YoungEntrepreneur and Retire@21.

What was the obstacle face you in your business?  
Chicken and eggs. You need sellers or buyers first? What comes first? Well you need buyers, but you need good vendors with products to attract buyers.

What you find in with a blog/social?
People like to share their feelings and to talk about what they want. I meet incredible people every day trying to earn a living online and it’s just great to connect with them.

What specific feature that you like most blogs/social media?  
Against the personal connection with my readers.

What other benefits met you blogs/social media?
The ability to really connect and see what people on the market. We have an investigation of uservoice until now where we let us our users decide our next innovation.

Is there something you wish to add? 
With the emergence of platforms from Twitter, Facebook and blog anywhere that can really grow their business with some good old fashioned hard work.

On Frederick Najm – I always wanted to connect people and with Addoway, do me that every day. I am addicted to social media and have never been a day without a Tweet.

Next week: Dow Rosey

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Your Success How Bad Do You Want It?

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We are always destined to run toward the things of life that seem to give us fulfillment at a moments notice, sometimes with no regard to anyone but self gain, this is better known as “Selfishness”, of which is fulfilled with greed. My main reason for making this statement is, because, when a real opportunity with so much value and potential, we turn it down like a bad habit, that is, because, we are looking for “Quick Results”, I have learned that quick results are not good results, they have hidden consequences that we just overlook, and we become victim of circumstances.

Take Action Now Are You Hungry For Success

To relinquish this type of bad habitual brain washed taught mentality, their has to be a mind renewing process, your total mindset has to be renewed by the spirit, by positive reinforcements, by counter productive enforcements. Meaning learn how to control the thoughts of your mind, a very powerful concept but it is very effective, in creating a mind controlled environment within your own mind, your thoughts create your success. What I do is, reading positive books on successful people, video tutorials, audios, personal development courses, this is a way of empowerment, brain food, giving your mind new information, in turn gives you new ideas, a new approach on life. A mentored positive approach, a mentor can see the things that you can’t see, a qualified mentor knows how you should take the proper steps in order to resolve better results in any case.

Take Action Now Are You Hungry For Success

Here is a way to not only help yourself & your family but others as well, an opportunity to be your own boss, an opportunity to provide help toward others, an opportunity to make a change in somebody’s life, an opportunity to take your life & business to an Ultimate level of achievement, an opportunity to provide the Legal security in anyone’s life, it is a opportunity for you to create the life and life style that you want, & Now this is the opportunity for you to take action with a proven Company that has created Millionaires, Six Figure Earners, that are changing the lives of others as well as there own, “Are You Hungry For Success”? Are You?
If you are Take Action Now! You Have To Be Hungry Hungry very Hungry For Success.

Take Action Now Are You Hungry For Success

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